The main character of the intro of ZP
Cameron is a human guidance counselor who is relocated unwittingly to Safe Haven, where she is terrified of almost everything she sees.

Jackie is the drama and musical theater teacher at the Zoo Phoenix Academy in Safe Haven.

Vice Principal of ZPA, and one of the head peacekeepers of Safe Haven.

Two star students at ZPA. known as the school power couple. Both studying performance majors.

Damian is the son of the devil, attending ZPA and spending his time enjoying his youth and socializing in Safe Haven.

Art student at ZPA.

ZPA Dance teacher. Married to Jackie and obsessed with Polka.

Autumn tries to go out of his way to be as helpful as he can, but is a bit high strung.

up and coming star Avian performer from a rival school in the E! District.

Dancer and leader of a girlgang at ZPA.

one of the many Foster kids in Safe Haven.

Vampire sisters Francesca and Bambi. Both are independent business owners in Safe Haven.

A bit prudish, and a loud feminist, Daphne can be a bit braggy about her feelings and opinions.

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Kind and gentle, despite his supernatural curse of bad luck

Penelope considers herself one of the most popular girls in ZPA due to her avian class.

One of the most active ‘bullies’ at ZPA, usually picks on anyone he crosses to mask his own insecure secrets.

Self proclaimed rival of Zill, Taylor usually goofs off more then he should and doesn’t always think about what he says.

Damian’s Underworld nanny. Originally an android commissioned to be a soul collector and temptress. Her developed personality is more silly then seductive.

One of the few Incubi allowed to attend ZPA. Tom tries to be as mysterious as he can to mask his real personality, which is pretty soft.

Vanex, likes to read and not much else is known about her.

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A member of Camilla’s girl gang, as well as one of her best friends. One of the more vicious of the gang.

Third member of Camilla’s girl gang. Extremely protective of her friends, especially Destiny.

Head Cheerleader at ZPA. Despite being a Siren, Brandi is very insecure in her own looks, and often tries to change her appearance to ‘enhance’ it.

Working parttime at a Safe Haven Diner, Elijah is a very social member of the community.

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Banshee who likes to lay low at ZPA. With a closet love for lively and happy music.

Active member of the Safe Haven rural district, a very sweet farm boy, who also loves working with creatures.

ZPA Math major, who has a deep love of dance, but not a rhythmic bone in her body.


ZP is a project I have been working on for years. As a character designer, with a passion for world building, I have made the Zoophobia cast pretty large.

Even the background and minor characters I work hard to flesh out and make as distinct as I can! Here are a bunch of the characters with updated references, Many more to come!