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The main character of the intro of ZP
Cameron is a human guidance counselor who is relocated unwittingly to Safe Haven, where she is terrified of almost everything she sees.

Jackie is the drama and musical theater teacher at the Zoo Phoenix Academy in Safe Haven.

Damian is the son of the devil, attending ZPA and spending his time enjoying his youth and socializing in Safe Haven.

La Catrina
Spirit of Dia de los Meurtos


“Zoophobia” is a fantasy/dramody graphic novel webcomic and it is my biggest personal project! One I have been working on since middle school. Here are some developmental works, strong example comic pages, character refs, logos, designs, basically concept art related to ZP.

The comic revolves around the goings on of a lost world of sorts called “Safe Haven”, where the society is run with anthropomorphic beings and shape- shifters. Dealing with the supernatural and the natural world.

A human guidance counselor is unwittingly hired at a school in Safe Haven, and is relocated only to find this interspecies world, which is terrifying for her considering she has an immense fear.. of animals.