Vivienne Medrano

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Well hey there Portfolio viewer!
My name is Viv, I do art!
I am currently 22 years old, SVA (School of Visual Arts) Graduate, majoring in Traditional Animation in NYC!

I am very freshly out of school, and currently freelancing. Working on my own personal films for the summer, as well as volunteering my skills on other independent projects such as Maxwell Atom’s project “Dead Meat”.

Along with doing personal films, I am working on my webcomic entitled " ZOOPHOBIA"!
(which is having website server issues currently)

ZP is set to be published sometime in the future by Vivid Publishing!

I also have a companion project in the works, with the working title “the Demon Hotel”. Which might be a youtube short series followed by a second webcomic!
(Much more adult in nature)

If you haven’t guessed from my portfolio, I have an enormous passion for character design, and the character creation process! I also really enjoy doing colorful comic work and character animation!

In my spare time, I enjoy doing art that people can enjoy, creating characters that will stick with people and be relatable to an audience.

I have been fortunate enough to experience other cultures and countries firsthand, sharing artwork and teaching drawing to children in Honduras and El Salvador. I plan on doing more traveling in my life if ever given the opportunity!

I REALLY Love Broadway musicals, Pop music, internet comedy, Animals, geeking out about animation, and drinking chocolate milk!

My biggest dream is to one day be able to do musical-style-animated music videos for songs! <3
..if You are a musician.. hit me up!


Good Mythical Morning- Music Video


Director/Lead Animator

Sing Along (Jessica Reynoso) Music Video


Director/Creator of Official Music Video for song “Sing Along”


SVA (School of Visual Arts)

BFA Animation



Adobe’s Animake This, Adobe/Fox ADHD


Dusty Outstanding Character Animation for “Timber”, Dusty Awards


Tv Paint Animation Character design Sai Manga Studio